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Running While Big – Part 2

Girl in running gear 1981


My earliest experiences with running were associated with PE class. In elementary school, we had to do the 50 yard dash as part of the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge. Of all the events–situps, push ups, pull ups–the 50 yard dash was my strongest category.

In middle school, we began running laps, or at our school “running the park,” the perimeter of a small, two-square-mile green space adjacent to our school. We suited up in our maroon and gold gym uniforms and were told, “Take a lap.” That was the extent of our running training–take a lap. No guidance on pace, form, posture, stretching–nada, niente, zip. [Read more →]

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Running While Big – Part 1

Running group

My big ass and thick thighs have gotten me in trouble again.

“Squats, lunges, leg lifts–all the things everyone hates doing–this is what you need to be doing,” counsels my running coach Jarin, an -enthusiastic fitness enthusiast who is working with our 10K race training program.

We are in a post-run session with a sports medicine expert on injury prevention, a subject of great interest to me at the moment, given the various and sundry devices and braces on both my feet. Being a big girl running can have its challenges. [Read more →]

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Curve Appeal Convention: Atlanta, May 3-5, 2013

Attention Atlanta Curvy Girls:

It’s time for the 2013 For Who I Am Curve Appeal Convention, in Atlanta, GA, Friday, May 5-Sunday May 7, 2013.

Enjoy 3 days of workshops, fashion and fun. For details and registration go to


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Fans and the media come to Melissa McCarthy’s defense

“Not again,” I thought to myself when I flipped on the TV to ABC News and heard the teaser for a story on actress Melissa McCarthy (Identify Thief, Bridesmaids, Mike & Molly):

Size matters? The red hot controversy tonight. The actress that makes so many of us laugh and the critic making so many of us steaming mad.

I didn’t even want to think about what hateful ugly things were being said about this beautiful and talented actress because of her size. I didn’t even wait for the story to come up–I grabbed my phone and pulled up Google News to see the headline for the USA Today story, “Melissa McCarthy trashed in scathing review.”  I clicked right on it, expecting the typical–happy, successful fat people are bad health role models and should be chastised, or the like–but what I found was a defense of Melissa McCarthy against a vile and vicious attack from reviewer Rex Reed (I won’t dignify his remarks by repeating them. Click on any the USA Today link to get the full details). [Read more →]

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News Anchor Fights Back Against Criticism About Weight

A big curvy shout out to Jennifer Livingston, the Wisconsin news anchor who took to the air to respond to a viewer’s criticism about her weight, claiming, “Surely you don’t consider yourself a suitable example for this community’s young people, girls in particular. Obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain.”  (Article and video here.) [Read more →]

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LA Curvy Girls–TV Show Opportunity–Must reply by Monday, Sept. 23

For curvy girls in the LA area: a nationally syndicated TV show is looking for a teen who wants to sing who will get a makeover and confidence boost, and a curvy women who will get a makeover. Show tapes Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2012. Email me at info @ for show contact.

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Loving your body, even when you don’t

I love this article by yoga teacher Bethany Eanes, “I Love Yoga, But It Didn’t Help Me Love My Body.” I think that she expresses a common experience of those who are “supposed” to love their bodies–sometimes we don’t. Sometimes, we just aren’t feeling that great about your body. And because we are advocating body love, the subsequent feeling is guilt–feeling guilty for not feeling body love.

Here’s an excerpt from the article that I think captures this issue perfectly:

Here’s the good news: If you don’t fully embrace your body, you are not a failure. You are normal. Body image is extremely complicated on a psychological, emotional and very personal level. There are factors at play every day that can make you feel great in your body or, especially as a woman and especially on certain days of the month, really terrible in your body.  [Read more →]

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Curvy Couture: Hollywood drama for the Curvy Diva

I’m so glad to have discovered this new lingerie line: Curvy Couture.

The line was inspired by the glamour of the Hollywood era and looks absolutely stunning.

Some info about the line:

The creator and designer, Dora Lau, has been in the intimate apparel industry for decades manufacturing intimate apparel for such brands as Lane Bryant and others.  Growing up her family was in the music industry and she would style the talent, later becoming an evening wear designer. [Read more →]

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REMIX: Online Plus Size Consignment and Retail

I’m always happy to promote a new source for plus-size shopping. Here’s some info about a new online plus size resource:

Check out “REMIX” An exclusive Plus Size Consignment and Retail Boutique! High Fashion for Low prices! New inventory coming in weekly & Extended sizes coming in August (4x+), so please bookmark the site and check back frequently.

Be sure to “like” us on facebook for updates on new items and discounts  We do give-a-ways with each 100 “likes”

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7 ways to Beat Body Image Issues in Business

Negative body image can hold us back in big ways in our careers. I’ve spent the past 4 years working with women entrepreneurs, and it’s amazing how body image issues can arise related to launching and growing a business.

It is not uncommon for women to avoid being photographed or video recorded, avoid making presentations, meeting new people, attending networking or other business development events, because of a negative self-perception. Even more disturbing, there are those who will delay even starting a business until they “lose some weight.”

Here are 7 ways I’ve used with myself and my clients to beat body image issues in business.  [Read more →]

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Jen Davis – Using Self-Portraiture to Explore Body Image

Great article in the New York Times on Jen Davis, a plus-size artist exploring her relationship with body and body image through self-portraiture.

The article has samples of her work, or you can see her work on her website, Jen Davis Photography.

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How good hair helps my business

Body image meets entrepreneurship

Here’s a short video on the connection between body image and business, or how a good hair day can translate into a good business day.

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Unleash Your Curvy Diva for Business Success


Visit our new page, The Curvy Entrepreneur, for resources on combining self-acceptance and positive body image with business success.  Join our mailing list and receive the free download 5 Steps to Unleash Your Curvy Diva.

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Sexy Lingerie for the Holidays

Hips and Curves - Red and Black Tapestry Corset - $49; Lace Trim Bustle - $35 ; 11" Shaper Skirt With Garters - $39; Opera Length Stretch Gloves - $16; Satin Pop-Up Hat - $20


Maybe it’s the long, cold nights, maybe it’s snuggling up by the fire, but there’s something about the holidays that puts me in the mood for frilly, sexy lingerie. Hips and Curves is one of my favorite online sources of lingerie, and they’ve got something there for both the naughty and the nice.

The outfit above is currently on my wish list.  My favorite part is the Lace Trim Bustle–seems like it could go with a lot of outfits. Most items at Hips and Curves are available up to size 24, with many items available up to size 28.

I’d love to hear about any sources you’ve found for cute, sexy plus-size lingerie.



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“Ruby” Not Renewed by Style for Fifth Season

I just saw this on

The Style network has confirmed to that it has “no plans” to order a fifth season of the reality show, which chronicled the weight-loss trials of charismatic Savannah resident Ruby Gettinger….

The network released the following statement: “We thank Ruby for sharing her inspirational journey with the Style viewers, and we look forward to her serving as a ‘Fight with Style’ Ambassador in the fight against obesity.”

Ruby is rallying the fans on her Facebook page

So, while it looks like Ruby will remain in the public eye, she won’t be a regular on Style. I enjoyed the first few seasons, as the show chronicled a very large woman with a full and active life. I wasn’t as thrilled with this last season–it just didn’t resonate with me as much. However, I would have tuned in for a season 5.

Any thoughts on the end of this show?



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