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Curvy Adventurer: Kara Richardson Whitely

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Some body love for Valentine’s Day: just ordered Kara Richardson Whitely’s book, “Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds,” featured in USA Today on February 14, 2016. Of the many things I admire about Kara’s story, here are my top 3:

1. “What I wanted to do was to love where I was, which was just about 300 pounds, and go from there. That was a very different take on my weight journey than ever before.” Even though she wanted to change her weight, she chose to come at it from a body love approach rather than body loathing.

2. The video at the end of the article: Kara is very “real” about the experience of being fat in public. There’s a scene in the video on Kilimanjaro where she overhears her guides joking about whether or not she’ll summit. She jokes with them about what they are saying, but later, in her tent, she cries while discussing the pain of that kind of reaction. And to her point–this sense of being shamed for exercising in public keeps a lot of fat people out of gyms.

3. Kara “completed the book while working with Wild author Cheryl Strayed in Butler University’s Chamonix Summer Writing Program in the French Alps.” Uh, sign me up, please!



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