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The Curvy Life blog is a response to the constant barrage of unrealistic images of women on television, in movies, and in print. We are constantly being told that our bodies and our lives aren’t “good enough” and many of us suffer from the emotional pain of feeling outside the beauty norm (ab-norm as it is).

However, the Curvy Life is really for her:


That’s me at age 15, hating my body.

I had already been on a diet or two, and I remember the punch in the gut I felt when I looked at this photo–I hated my thighs, I thought my stomach was too poochy, and my knees were too dimply. From this point forward, I made it a mission to avoid having my picture taken.

It breaks my heart to look at this picture today. I look at that photo now and think– How cute was I? Young, slim, with creamy skin, beautiful in the way of youth (and I wish I could have those thighs back). I was athletic and smart and outgoing. Yet, at this moment in my life, I felt like a failure as a woman (and I was just starting out).

It took me many years to learn to appreciate my own beauty, and dare I say it, to love my body. It was a process, and I want to share that process here, so that no woman has to carry the heavy burden on her heart carried by that 15 year-old girl.

Here I am, all grown-up:


I still wince at the site of myself on film, but I don’t run from the camera anymore. (I even take my own picture now, from time to time.) And I know, that one day, I’ll look back in wonder at the beauty of my youth here, just like I do with my 15-year-old self.

In my life I’ve been a teacher and a counselor. I’ve traveled the world working with persons of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds, trying to make the world a better place. Now, I want to help myself and all those phenomenal women out there who struggle every day to feel good about themselves, their bodies, their femininity.

I believe that we have the power to create our own reality and that writing and positive images can empower each of us to create a reality that fulfills the heart’s desire.

Let’s quit wasting time and embrace our own beauty and develop “body love.”

The Curvy Mission:

  1. To promote positive body image and self-esteem, regardless of size
  2. To advocate for size inclusion and diverse images of women
  3. To educate women about images and messages aimed at us
  4. To promote body love rather than body hate
  5. To encourage whole body, mind, and spirit wellness
  6. To rage against the self-loathing machine
  7. To create a community of support

I’d love to hear your curvy story. Feel free to share your curvy struggles, your curvy triumphs, your curvy fears, your curvy dreams–your curvy life.

Your always welcome to post a comment, or you can send an email to

Keep it Curvy!