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“Eat, Pray, Love” Movie and After-Party–ATL Aug 13

I’m a raving “Eat, Pray, Love” fan, so through my day-job, Ladies Who Launch Atlanta, I’m hosting a viewing of the movie with an after-party discussion, this Friday, August 13.  The after-party will touch on each of the three themes:

Eat–Tasty, indulgent Italian fare

Pray–A presentation by Robbie Houcek, an energy healer/shaman, on easy, friendly meditations you can incorporate in your everyday life

Love–A presentation by me (ta-da!) on falling in love with yourself and your life

For more details and tickets, visit here.

I’ve attached a 20 minute discussion with Robbie Houcek on the theme of self-discovery as a preview of Friday’s event. We talk about why this story resonates with so many women, and how we can experience self-discovery without taking a year off and traveling the world.


Eat, Pray, Love Party Preview Recording.

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