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Bikinis and running

Here’s the back story of the running diva (and great Curvy Life pal) who was also interviewed in the AJC article.  She shares her story in the article “The Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini,”at The Weary Publicist.

Here’s an excerpt:

I used t0 hate bathing suits as much as the next girl. From growing up pale in the tan-crazy 80s to the general stretch marks and cellulite that come with being female, I had nothing but fear and loathing for the bathing suit. I’d mastered all sorts of tactics–from the magazine on the tummy to the strategic towel angle to a variety of cover-ups–to avoid showing body parts I disliked. And you could forget about eating or actually swimming in said bathing suit.

All of that changed when I started running marathons with Team in Training. I began running for a close friend who was diagnosed with lymphoma, and while she has been cancer free for almost 18 months, I know others whose battles are just beginning, are still in progress or, tragically, have been lost. And well, when you meet people like that, and your body is learning to do something only one percent of the population dares to try–you have a newfound respect for what it can accomplish. Who cares if your feet are blistered, your toenails are black, your thighs are a little meatier or your butt is a little fuller? Nothing compares to the struggles that cancer patients and their families face every single day.

I found her connection to running and body image to be quite powerful. When I feel strong in my body, and have “respect for what it can accomplish,” I find it much easier to appreciate my body as it is in that moment.

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Curvy Wallpaper for your Desktop


The fabulous graphic designer Kristen Leigh of K-Leigh Creative has designed this beautiful “Curvy Tip” wallpaper for your desktop. Download the wallpaper at one of these two links:,html

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Bikini adventures continued

The story of me and my bikini (picture included) appeared in the Sunday, May 24, 2009 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution in the article: A love hate relationship is in season. I’d like to give a special thank you to Helena Olivera, for including me in the article. The article is great (if I do say so myself). Helena interviews two other women about their relationships with their bathing suits, and includes some interesting facts and great expert advice. Definitely worth the read.

She included two rather shocking statistics:

  1. Almost one in five women said they would rather walk on hot coals than wear a swimsuit.
  2. Half of the women surveyed said they’d turned down invitations for pool parties and other summertime get-togethers because they didn’t want to be seen in a suit.

Too many of us are staying at home, living less than a full life rather than fully engaging with the life we have. Wear what you want to wear–if you hate bathing suits, don’t wear one–but, please, don’t miss an opportunity to be with friends or to enjoy a new adventure because you think that your body isn’t “good enough.”

May 26, 2009   5 Comments

Facing down the bikini

Here is the full story of the interview in the article, A love hate relationship is in season, in the May 24, 2009 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

I am always trying to challenge myself regarding my own comfort level with my body (thus my foray into a women’s nude yoga class–a story for another time). So, at the end of swimsuit season last year, I decided to buy myself a cute, skirted bikini.

I’ve wanted to wear a two-piece swimsuit since, well, forever, but I’ve never had the nerve. However, when I saw a version of this cute INC International Concepts suit in a size 16, I took it to the dressing room to try it on.

Even under the cold flourescent glare of the fitting room lights, the suit looked cute. I liked the cut and the skirt was just the right amount of flouncy. I took it on and off several times, and each time I liked it on more than the last. The thought crossed my mind: this suit is meant for tall, lean, size-16s, not 5’5″ size-16s. But, I let that thought go, and bought my first bikini.

I took the suit for a test drive at the complex pool last season when I figured that no one would be around. I was pleased.

But the real test came this weekend, at our homeowner’s association pool party. Did I have the nerve to wear my (not so)-itsy-witsy-teeny-weeny black-and-white skirtini in front of all my neighbors? Could I sit in a lounge chair by the pool with 30 other people?

I rarely feel self-conscious around clothes and public settings. If I like how I look, that’s good enough for me. So, I screwed up my courage, put on my cute sarong cover-up, and headed to the pool. My reaction when I arrived really surprised me: I couldn’t bring myself to remove my cover-up.

I had the following dialogue with myself:

Just take off your cover-up and get in the pool.

But, I don’t know if I’m ready to be known by my neighbors as “the fat girl in the bikini?”

Didn’t you make peace with the whole “fat girl” thing a long time ago?

Yes, but, remember what they say on “What Not To Wear”: You may not care what you look like, but the rest of us have to look at you.

Anyone offended by you in a bikini by the pool can avert their eyes. Just take off the sarong and do it.

So, I did. And no one screamed out in disgust or ran in horror.

And how did I look in my bikini?

Curvy me in a bikini, do I dare? I did, and I do.

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Get Your Shoe Curve On with Hello Stiletto Shoe Club


I am a Hello Stiletto Shoe Club fool.


I discovered Hello Stiletto about a year ago on the recommendation of a friend. Hello Stiletto is a free social club for women (and men) who love shoes. Originally founded in Boston in 2004, the club has since grown to over 10,000 members in sixteen cities in the US, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, LA,  Philadelphia, and Washington DC.  Events are held at a variety of venues, and participants dress up in their best shoes (Payless or Prada, all are welcome) and strut their stuff on the Pink Carpet.

At the most recent Hello Stiletto event I met the curvy fabulous Monique Colbert, the Atlanta Shoe Shopping Examiner at She’s written a great article on the Hello Stiletto experience.

If you are in a city with a Hello Stiletto Shoe Club, make sure you visit an event. You can get dressed up, bring out your hottest shoes, strut yourself (grab a cocktail), and be home by 8:30pm.

May 14, 2009   2 Comments

Curvy Girl’s Spring Style Event — Atlanta, May 16

This is every curvy fashionista’s ultimate style and shopping event. Come ready to mingle and shop with Atlanta’s finest. There will be a Spring fashion preview from high fashion plus line JIBRI, body shaping demos by BODY EVOLUTION and tips on personal styling by GARNER STYLE. Signature cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres will be served. Ladies, you do not want to miss this.

When: Saturday March 16th, 2009 – 6:00pm-10:00pm

Geisha House Atlantic Station
1380 Atlantic Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30363

Admission: $5 at the door

Event Website:

For more info or to R.S.V.P – Email Us at

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Curve Appeal Beauty & Fashion Convention – Atlanta, May 9

Curve Appeal Conference link

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Happy “No Diet” Day!

May 6 is International No Diet Day (INDD).  The idea originated in Britian in 1992 as an attempt to show the dangers of dieting and to raise awareness of eating disorders. My favorite goal of INDD is to promote the idea that there is no one “right” body type–there is a natural and healthy diversity of body size and shape.

Nourish.Create.Bloom.”  is a great new blog that just launched that promotes the idea of finding your “happy” weight, the weight that your body settles at when you give it healthy food and reasonable level of exercise. Blog creator Kathianne Sellers Williams is a dietician who doesn’t believe in traditional diets. She’s just getting started with the blog, but I think it’s going to be a great resource.

So, on this, International No Diet Day, go forth, love your body, and enjoy (at least one day) of not dieting.

May 6, 2009   3 Comments