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Dirty Dolls Lingerie — Covering the curvy bottom, too

I got this lovely email from Courtney at Dirty Dolls. Seems that I misunderstood their sizing system, and they have bottoms in sizes up to 18. Yay, Dirty Dolls!

Thanks so much for your post, we really appreciate the support! I just wanted to clarify our panty and shaper sizing. Lingerie bottoms are generally sized a bit differently than pants, see the below chart for more clarification. We definitely have panties and shapers for curvy girls, we would never think of leaving them out! We actually just posted this on our site, as you were not the only one who was questioning this.

Panty / Shaper Sizing                        Pant Sizing
Size 5                                                Size 2 or 4
Size 6                                                Size 6 or 8
Size 7                                                Size 10
Size 8                                                Size 14
Size 9                                                Size 16
Size 10                                              Size 18

January 17, 2009   1 Comment

Dirty Dolls Lingerie — For the girl who is curvy on top

Saw this cute article in today’s Daily Candy about Dirty Dolls Lingerie. They have stunningly sexy bras in sizes up to 44DDD; sadly, however, the panties are only available up to size 10. Still, I love this bra so much (and I can’t resist anything burlesque) that I think it’s worth checking out.

The entire website is a lot of fun: I really enjoyed the slide show story of how the Dirty Dolls came to be. Oooh la la!

Support Group
Dirty Dolls Lingerie for Busty Women


Big kahunas aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. With the sagginess, the backaches, and the hideous boulder holders, they can be a real downer (no pun intended).

Au contraire, busty broads. Dirty Dolls Lingerie is a brand new line of sexy underthings for gals living in Titty City.

Get past the name (pieces are neither dirty nor doll like), and you’ll be delighted to find lacey brassieres, shapers, and panties that actually support while enhancing your curves. Bra sizes range from 30C to 44DDD. Body stockings and tap pants subtly hold it all in while giving your assets a boost.

There’s even a detailed fit guide, so you can be sure those big knockers are getting all the support they need.

From someone besides the construction workers across the street.

Available online at

January 16, 2009   3 Comments