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The Curvy Life “Love Your Body” Starter Kit

For my appearance at the Sandy Springs Festival, I’ve created a “Love Your Body” Starter Kit–a pink, heart-shaped Post-It note and an affirmation (based on the Pink Post-It activism project.)

If you would like an electronic version of the free Body Love Affirmation Card (courtesy of Authentic Beauty, LLC) just send an email to with the subject line: “Card” and I’ll get you a copy.

“Love Your Body” Starter Kit

  1. Take one Post-IT
  2. Add affirmation:
    • I am beautiful
    • I love and fully accept myself
    • I am perfect just as I am
  3. Put on mirror
  4. Read aloud while looking yourself in the eye
  5. Smile
  6. Believe

Now, go get your curve on!

September 20, 2008   3 Comments

Come see me at the Sandy Spring’s Festival, Saturday, Sept. 20

I’ll be at the Multi-Tasking Woman booth at Sandy Spring’s (GA) Festival on Saturday, September 20, from 2-4pm chatting about all things curvy, and on Sunday, September 21, from 1-3pm speaking about my other passion–inspiring women entreprenueurs.

Stop by Booth 321at the Business & Civic Expo staging area and tell me how you keep it curvy.

It’s time to Meet the Multi-Tasking Women!


NEWS FLASH! If you’ve ever wished you could chat in person with some of the amazing women you meet on, THIS WEEKEND you’ll your chance.

This Saturday and Sunday, seven of our favorite do-it-all gals will be with us in Atlanta at the 23rd annual Sandy Springs Festival. Visit the Multi-Tasking Woman booth (#321) to connect with these inspiring women:

Saturday, Sept. 20
10 a.m. – noon Denee KingShe, She Just Got Married
Noon – 2 p.m. Karen Hughes, Image Assets
2 -4 p.m. Angela Stalcup, Curvy Life
4-6 p.m. Leslie Grant, Chickin Feed
Sunday, Sept. 21
11 a.m.-1 p.m. Jamieson Haverkampf, Mom Minus Dad
1-3 p.m. Traci Long, Ladies Who Launch
3-5 p.m. Lori Sours, Salsa Senorita


We’re part of the business and civic expo at the Festival which also includes artist’s markets, heritage crafters, entertainment (including a performance by The Tams), children’s activities, the renowned Town Turtles of Sandy Springs and the Comcast Tailgate Zone where football fans can check scores and root on their favorite team.

Come meet the Chicks from Chickin Feed!

Organizers expect 25,000 to attend the Sandy Springs Festival that runs Saturday, Sept. 20 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and continues Sunday, Sept. 21 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The festival is held on Heritage Green at 6075 Sandy Springs Circle. Please visit the Sandy Springs Festival for details including ticket information, directions and parking instructions.

Who’s your favorite Multi-Tasking Woman? Your best friend? mom? sister? Maybe it’s YOU! We love to spotlight women who love the Multi-Tasking Life. Send us an email and let us know so we can all meet her, too!

September 19, 2008   No Comments

Size Queen Clothing – “when large is not big enough”(TM)

I’m loving Bertha Pearl and her clothing line Size Queen “when large is not big enough”TM.  Bertha is creating cute, sexy, curve-hugging, funky limited edition and custom clothing for curvy girls. She is combining Fat Activism with fashion, and she is creating clothes that are really works of art.

Not only are her clothes available online, but she has a storefront in Portland, OR (3125B E. Burnside, Portland OR).

I’m currently torn between Pretty in Pink Stripes, Black and White and Pink Sparkly Ruffles, and Bustle Skirt (although she probably had me at “sparkly”). If you’re looking for something artistic and inspiring. Check her out.

September 13, 2008   No Comments

My summer of walking

For whatever reason, this summer I’ve been inspired to trade in the treadmill for the hills in my neighborhood. I realized at the beginning of the summer that there were three Starbucks within a 30-minute walk from my house (four if you count the one at Barnes & Noble). With that realization, I combined my love of caffeine with my love of endorphins and started “coffee walks.” Of course, at $2 a pop for iced coffee, I probably should have canceled my gym membership to pay for my dual addiction, but I wanted access to a treadmill in case of inclement weather.

I started the summer with an iPod loaded with podcasts and music, but I retired the headset about half-way through so as to make the time more meditative and mindful. I found that I felt very powerful in my body as I moved from walking to running up and down the hills on the walks. Even though I would return from an hour of walking all red-faced and sweaty, I always felt very good about the physicality of my body by the end of the walk.

I’ll probably keep my gym membership–but at the gym I’m either watching the wall of televisions or working out to music. It has been a pleasant surprise to spend time connecting with nature (as much nature as you have on paved sidewalks) and my own strength. Of course, the caffeine high didn’t hurt.

(And this proves to me something I have long known to be true-my pale legs will not tan, no matter how much sun they see. I long ago embraced the whiteness of it all, but still.)

How has exercise surprised you? I’d like to know.

September 6, 2008   3 Comments

Great take on body image and the new “90210”

If you remember the first version at all, Tiffabee has a great post on the comparisons between the old and new versions in her post: 90210: Back And Skinnier Than Ever. Fabulous!

September 4, 2008   1 Comment

Honoring the experience of hunger

I‘m a big fan of Lisa Sarasohn, author (The Woman’s Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure), teacher, “Belly Queen.” The title of an article in her latest Belly Bulletin caught my eye: The Core of the Mystery:Hunger

We are taught that hunger is the enemy, to be supressed, ignored, tolerated, and eliminated as quickly as possible. I thought she had an interesting take on physical hunger and “soul’s” hunger. Here’s an excerpt:

How do you experience hunger? Where do you feel it in your body? How do you know when your hunger has been satisfied?

These questions invite mind’s compassion for body. For me, hunger has a texture and a sound. I feel an ache in my body’s center, sometimes a clutching sensation, often a gurgle or a growl. As poet Mary Oliver names your physical form, the “soft animal of your body” sends hunger as a signal of your need: for food, energy, sustenance.

Your soul sends hunger signals as well: desire, discontent, longing. How do you experience longing? Where do you feel desire in your body? What contentment is your soul seeking?

I long for creative expression, the sense of being at home, connection. The feeling radiates from a point in my gut, like the tip of a broadcast tower sending out radio-waves. I suspect this sometimes aching hunger (my belly just gurgled in accord) will be with me as long as I’m alive. The soul’s hungers need steady attention, just as the body’s hungers need regular meals… (click here for the rest).

Lisa Sarasohn is a seasoned Kripalu yoga teacher and bodywork therapist. Certified as an instructor in 1979, she served on staff at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, Massachusetts from 1981 to 1988. Her articles on the body’s center, yoga, and health have appeared in such publications as Yoga Journal, SageWoman, Radiance, and Personal Transformation. A graduate of Brown University and an award-winning essayist, poet, and public speaker, she presents keynote speeches and interactive programs for educational organizations, women’s centers, and churches. Her website is


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