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Yes, more lingerie –

Ever on the hunt for sexy lingerie, I was quite pleased to come across web-based Pleasurable Desires:Where you define sexy ( Very hot stuff–and hot stuff in plus sizes. I’ve corresponded with the owner, Mercedes D., and she has expressed a desire to find manufactures that use “bodacious” women as models, an attitude which I find encouraging.

If you have favorite manufacturers or sites that feature plus-size lingerie with plus-size models, I’d love to pass them on.

Here’s a nice excerpt from the Pleasurable Desires Newsletter about the company and their philosophy:

Pleasurable Desires is the newest member to the wonderful world of lingerie. Our commitment to providing each customer with the best lingerie, costumes, exotic shoes ranging from four inch to eight inch heels, romance & intimacy items, accessories, and customer service is guaranteed to keep each customer satisfied. We love everything about lingerie here at Pleasurable Desires. We love how we look while wearing it, the much deserved compliments we receive in it, and the powerful feeling of confidence within our sexuality it leaves behind. It is our belief, from personal experience, that spontaneity, creativity, and confidence in yourself and loved one are all key factors in maintaining a strong, fresh, exciting, and HOT marriage or relationship.

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Body Love Art – Bell Pine Art Farm

Belly Wisdom

Whole body wisdom comes from the belly center. Relax and allow your breath to fill and nourish the life fire at your core. Listen to what you know is true: Life-changing love and power are unleashed when you accept yourself exactly as you are!

How much do I LOVE this body love goddess? “Belly Wisdom” is one in a series of clay images from Bell Pine Art Farm. They offer over thirty images in clay that mark and celebrate the many passages, sacred rites, transitions and connections encountered through life.

If this picture isn’t enough, then check out this companion text:

The old saying is wrong: It’s not that “Inside every fat woman there’s a thin woman screaming to get out.” The reality is that inside EVERY woman, there’s a FAT woman trying to get out and breathe, relax her belly center, undo her pants, let her thighs roar with thunder, and her breasts feel the breeze! One that wants to be accepted just as she is. Can you imagine what power and love would be unleashed if that were so? We would no longer be held back. The world would be saved! It makes my heart leap.

So, if you want to ‘let your thighs roar with thunder,’ add Belly Wisdom to your art collection. Purchase her at

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Project Runway: Drag Queens v. Big Girls

I love Project Runway, and in fine Project Runway fashion, this week’s challenge of styling drag queens is supposed to be the “difficult” body challenge of the season. In the past, this challenge included styling family members of the designers, thus dealing with “real” bodies, and designing for women who had lost a lot of weight.

In past episodes, I was always annoyed with the way the designers whined about having to deal with big, female bodies. You’re fashion designers, for God’s sake! Design! You can make a dress out of corn husks but you can’t make a big girl look good?

So, this week you’ve got a runway full of big girls, and I didn’t hear one whiny complaint about being stuck with the big body. They talk about being “way out of my comfort zone,” but no one is being a whiny baby (as I’ve seen in the past). Of course, Korto, the designer who is most comfortable with size diversity, was responsible for the biggest body, so she didn’t act like styling “Sweetie” was the end of the world. And, she got raves from the judges on the design.

So, it’s easier for designers to style for “faux” big girls than it is for them to style for “real” big girls. I remain baffled.

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Cute workout clothes sizes 0-20 –

In the spirit of the Olympics…

I love to workout–as long as I have cute workout clothes. has a variety of work out and active wear clothing in sizes XS-2X (0-20). Not every garment comes in every style, but there are quite a few items available sizes 16+, with Petite and Tall sizes, as well.

I am always glad to see stores where “regular” sizes and “plus” sizes peacefully coexist.

Where do you find cute workout clothes?

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Does Olympic swimmer Dara Torres make you feel bad about your body?

(Photo:Robert Maxwell)

Dara Torres, still an Olympic contender at age 41, has been touted as the “physical ideal for mothers, women at or approaching middle age, and just women in general.’’ While it gives me great pleasure to see a 40-something female athlete achieve at an Olympic level, I find the notion that her body is the physical ideal for “women in general” a little extreme, even in this age of extremes in body image. And why does the media always make body image a competition: ‘See, since this woman is ripped and lean at 41, you should all be ripped and lean at 41.’

This woman is clearly a professional athlete, and as such, devotes her entire life to working on her body. According to the New York Times, Torres spends $100,000 a year on support staff alone–coaches, trainers, etc.–to compete at an Olympic level. For $100,000 a year she’d better have an athletic body!

I’ve read two very interesting articles in regard to Dara Torres as a body and fitness ideal for women:

1. Dara Torres: The New Beauty Myth, at is a great commentary on what goes into sculpting a body the likes of Torres”–working out is her full-time job.

2. Olympic Abs vs. Simple Fitness, in The New York Times, which suggests another candidate for female “physical ideal”: 80-year old Estelle Parsons, weights in hand, who maintains a diverse, physically active exercise regime and is still going strong.

    (Photo: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times)

    I think that both of these women are amazing. Why does there have to be an “ideal” at all? How about finding what’s “ideal” for the individual? As women, we can celebrate Dara Torres (and Estelle Parsons) without feeling diminished by our own bodies.

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    If you wear ’em, flaunt ’em — It’s National Underwear Day

    Rhumba Panty – $ 26.95

    Panties, knickers, undies–whatever you call them, this is their day. August 5, 2008 is‘s 6th annual National Underwear Day, “the ultimate avenue for celebrating underwear” (because there wasn’t enough underwear celebrating in the world before?).

    I always seem to end up back at Lane Bryant for my panties, but I thought that the Rhumba Panty from seemed appropriately celebratory. And, kudos to — they carry plus sizes, so you may find some party panties there, too.

    Where do you get your favorite undies? Any recommendations?

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    Hips & Curves – Sexy curvy lingerie

    If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably noticed the lovely, leather-clad (yep, that’s a leather dress–sizes 1X and 2X) model peeking around the corner of the sidebar to the right. I’ve been experimenting with placing advertising on the site, and when I saw this skyscraper banner for Hips & Curves, I just couldn’t resist featuring it. And when I saw the full-size image below, I was completely captivated.

    I’ve always loved Hips & Curves. How can you not love a company that greets you like this:

    You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for intimate apparel and plus size lingerie in the newest, sexiest and hottest styles. We believe your gorgeous curves are made to be flaunted, caressed, adored – and adorned – in the latest and greatest plus size lingerie styles.

    They have a tremendous selection of styles from bridal to bad girl, and they even feature extended sizes. I love sexy lingerie, and this is definitely the place to go if you’re feeling a little naughty.

    But, there is more to this particular ad than just a hot leather dress. The model in this photo is absolutely stunning. I love the power of her pose, with legs for days and real-looking thighs (I have thigh issues). Hips & Curves is using the tag “Provocatively Powerful” on their home page, and I would say that this model fits the bill. She’s in no way plus size, but when was the last time that you saw anything other than stick thighs in a bathing suit or lingerie ad? Not that there’s anything wrong with stick thighs, but they aren’t the only thighs that deserved to be photographed.

    So, enjoy the glamazon. And if you want to buy that leather dress or just want to check out Hips & Curves, you can click on the ad or on the picture below.

    She’s keeping it curvy–hope you’re keeping it curvy, too.

    Corset Leather Dress – $ 129.95
    Corset Leather Dress. Leather corset dress has boning for shaping and support, lace-up back and detachable garters.

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