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THE CURVY LIFE — Curvy Events


February is “Love Your Body Month,” and The Curvy Life is planning some fun activities to celebrate. We have a workshop “Love Your Body for Valentine’s,” and we’re planning on providing you with “29 Body Love Tips in 29 Days” for February (it’s a leap year). Click here for more information.

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The Curvy Life — The Curvy Mission

The Curvy Life blog is a response to the constant barrage of unrealistic images of women on television, in movies, and in print. We are constantly being told that our bodies and our lives aren’t “good enough” and many of us suffer from the emotional pain of feeling outside the beauty norm (ab-norm as it is).

However, the Curvy Life is really for her:


That’s me at age 15, hating my body.

I had already been on a diet or two, and I remember the punch in the gut I felt when I looked at this photo–I hated my thighs, I thought my stomach was too poochy, and my knees were too dimply. From this point forward, I made it a mission to avoid having my picture taken.

It breaks my heart to look at this picture today. I look at that photo know and think– How cute was I? Young, slim, with creamy skin, beautiful in the way of youth (and I wish I could have those thighs back). I was athletic and smart and outgoing. Yet, at this moment in my life, I felt like a failure as a woman (and I was just starting out).

It took me many years to learn to appreciate my own beauty, and dare I say it, to love my body. It was a process, and I want to share that process here, so that no woman has to carry the heavy burden on her heart carried by that 15 year-old girl.

Here I am, all grown-up:


I still wince at the site of myself on film, but I don’t run from the camera anymore. And I know, that one day, I’ll look back in wonder at the beauty of my youth here, just like I do with my 15-year-old self.

So, what’s the mission?

The Curvy Mission

  1. To promote positive body image and self-esteem, regardless of size
  2. To advocate for size inclusion and diverse images of women
  3. To educate women about images and messages aimed at us
  4. To promote body love rather than body hate
  5. To encourage whole body, mind, and spirit wellness
  6. To rage against the self-loathing machine
  7. To create a community of support

I’d love to hear your curvy story. Feel free to share your curvy struggles, your curvy triumphs, your curvy fears, your curvy dreams–your curvy life.

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Curvy Organizing: Listen to “The Organizing Playground”

Tune in to Radio Sandy Springs this Tuesday, January 22, 2008, from 12-1 (Eastern) for “The Organizing Playground Radio Show.” Allison Carter, Organizer Extraordinaire, puts the “FUN in FUNctional” as she brings a chatty fun way to think about organizing.

I’ll be playing the role of “Playmate and Co-hostessa” for the theme “Using Calendars to get Organized: What makes a calendar work or not work?”

If you miss the live show you can download the replay through the site. I’ll provide a link as soon as it is posted.

Join us for:
The Organizing Playground Radio Show
Tuesdays 12p – 1p ET
Live and replay

Allison Carter, CPO®
The Professional Organizer
Organizer € Speaker € Mentoring & Licensing Organizers

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Healthy diet more costly

Anyone who has ever tried to improve her diet by eating more whole foods, more organic produce, and the like can testify to the truth of the New York Times article A High Price for Healthy Food (12/05/2007): calorie for calorie, junk foods cost less than fruits and vegetables.

Of course, we all know that fresh produce is more nutrient rich than junk food; however, junk food tends to be more “calorie dense,” to have more calories per gram, than fruits and vegetables. Thus, by comparing diets strictly by calories,

“a 2,000-calorie diet would cost just $3.52 a day if it consisted of junk food, compared with $36.32 a day for a diet of low-energy dense foods.”

So, the more you try to improve the quality of your diet, the more it is going to cost you. What does this mean for those on limited incomes? As the researcher in the article explains:

“If you have $3 to feed yourself, your choices gravitate toward foods which give you the most calories per dollar,’’ said Dr. Drewnowski. “Not only are the empty calories cheaper, but the healthy foods are becoming more and more expensive. Vegetables and fruits are rapidly becoming luxury goods.”

Health as a luxury item–disturbing indeed.

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Curvy Activism: Joy Nash’s “Fat Rant”

If you haven’t seen Joy Nash’s YouTube video, “Fat Rant,” it is well worth the 7 minutes it takes to watch. With over a million views since March 2007, “Fat Rant” has generated a lot of public discussion regarding fat women and self-esteem. The YouTube page for the video (as of 1/16/2008) has over 12,000 comments, Joy has been interviewed in the press numerous times, and she now has a “Fat Rant” blog ( I love Joy’s clever yet straightforward approach to issues surrounding fat life in a thin-obsessesed world; however, I am always surprised at the venom of those who feel it necessary to attack anyone who stands up and says, “I’m fat and I’m OK.” Why is positive body image and self-esteem in fat women so threatening?

See the video at YouTube or on Joy Nash’s blog, Fat Rant.

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We’ve come a long way, baby???

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Did you see “How to Look Good Naked?”

If you saw the show, let me know what you think. I was moved to tears by the journey to self-acceptance experienced by the first woman featured on the show.

If you haven’t seen the show, look for it on the Lifetime channel. It is replaying throughout the week. Or, if you don’t have Lifetime (or you just can’t wait), you can see the entire episode online at The show website has some interesting features–click here to view these. I particularly like the feature Where Do I Fit In? featuring the full spectrum of beautiful body types.

Check out my previous post for more on the program and for tips on how to feel good naked.

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Feel good naked in 2008

This is my New Year’s wish to everyone, and I’d like to thank Lifetime Television for helping make this wish come true. On Friday, January 4, (9pm ET), Lifetime premiers the new makeover show How To Look Good Naked.

The entire first episode of the series is available on the Lifetime website (click here for the link). I enjoyed the episode, but I was particularly impressed by the abundance of nearly-naked curvy girls on the show. Here’s a great opportunity to see “real” female bodies portrayed in a positive way on television.

The show is the American version of a successful UK show of the same title. The BBC version of the show has an extensive site, with lots of great curvy women and their stories. I love the article “The Six Stages of How to Look Good Naked.”

So, while the list refers to looking good naked, I say: be good to yourself this year, love who you are, and feel good naked!

The Six Stages of How To Look Good Naked

Stage 1: Face Your Fears
Take your clothes off in front of a mirror and have a long hard look at yourself
For many of our ladies, taking their clothes off in front of anyone had became a massive ordeal. Stripping off in front of a mirror and taking a good hard look at yourself in the first step to facing your fears and building up your confidence.

Stage 2: Change Your Self-Perception
You’re not as big as you think you are
The media bombard us all with unrealistic airbrushed images of women every day. These images of the stick thin, surgically enhanced women aren’t very realistic but these images portray women as beautiful and successful so it’s hard for normal women not to want to be like them. However, most normal women do not look like them so these pictures enforce feelings of negativity and encourage low self esteem.

So, the second stage of looking good naked is to start waking up to the way the media works and stop comparing these images to the way you look. Wake up to the fact that you actually look pretty OK, that you aren’t as big as you think you are AND look at all the women around you – I bet most of them are the same as you.

Stage 3: See Yourself As Others See You
Learn to take compliments and focus on the positive rather than the negative
The third stage is to start focusing on the positive rather than the negative aspects of your body. Do not dismiss compliments. Hold on to all the nice things people say and ignore anything negative that might come your way.

Stage 4: Work Your Body
Wear clothes that make you look and feel good
Your clothes can have a big impact on the way you feel about yourself. Wearing clothes that flatter your shape and emphasize the best bits of your body is the best way to feel and look good. Underwear is also key. Old grey underwear can only make you feel old and grey. Structured underwear will give you more shape with your clothes on. Sexy underwear will give you a boost when your clothes have to come off.

Stage 5: Respect Yourself
Look after yourself
Your lifestyle does matter and it does effect the way your look and feel about yourself. A good healthy lifestyle will pay dividends. You will feel better but the pay off is that you will look better too.

Stage 6: Beauty Cheats
Looking good naked
What ever your size and shape feeling confident is key to looking good – whether your clothes are on or off. So now you are feeling on top of the world it’s time to start taking advantage of all the beauty treatments and products out there. Follow these rules on a weekly basis and we guarantee you will look good in the buff:

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