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But what about Figure magazine?

In my previous post I mentioned my saddness at the demise of Mode magazine, a fashion magazine designed for women sizes 12 and up. “But,” one may ask, “what about Figure Magazine ? Figure is a plus-size fashion mag.”

Ah, yes, Figure Magazine. Figure is a publication that, according to its tagline, is “celebrating the plus-size woman.” I subscribe to Figure Magazine, and I am glad that there is some visual media representation of plus-size fashion for women. In future posts I will no doubt reference Figure. However, Figure is no Mode.

Figure appeared in 2002 as what appeared to me to be a very glossy advertising for Charming Shoppes (Lane Bryant, Catherine’s, Fashion Bug) masquerading as a fashion magazine. Last year, Figurere-launched,” with a new look and an expanded effort to cover more fashion trends; however, the focus is still on the Charming Shoppes brand. So, while I am glad to have articles about the trends in sunglasses, makeup, and home decor, I still only get to see clothes that are available at Lane Bryant, Catherine’s, or Fashion Bug, a mere fraction of the plus-size offerings available.

So, I must admit that I have a “like/hate” relationship with Figure. Figure Magazine fills a need in plus-size fashion media; however, much more is needed.

July 9, 2007   2 Comments

Embracing the Mode Mission

For a few short years (1997-2001), we curvy girls had a lifestyle advocate in the guise of Mode Magazine. With the tagline “The New Shape In Fashion,” Mode presented plus-size fashion (sizes 12+) in the same way as Vogue,Glamour, Elle, etc. More than just fashion, Mode promoted a lifestlye, “The Curvy Revolution,” and encourged a reader to unleash her innner “Mode girl.”

This excerpt from the editor’s letter in the second issue of the magazine (Summer 1997) declares the Mode mission:

This is a love letter to the 62 million women out there size 12 and up…. Because a year ago we had an idea… and it was this: to change the way the world views the feminine shape, to take a new look at what is beautiful, courageous, and incredible about being a smart, all-there woman and to say yes–a huge yes–to style, to edge, to the right thing that works for all women.

Even with circulation of 600,000 and readership estimated at 3.5million, Mode ceased publication in December 2001 ( The short-lived Grace magazine tried to take it’s place, but I’ve never gotten over the loss of Mode. So this site is my tribute to Mode, and my love letter to those same millions basically shunned by fashion media.

May we all embrace the curvy life.

July 8, 2007   3 Comments