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Denim Debunked Finalist

2013-09-06 19.14.54

Wow! I’m a finalist in the AllYou Magazine and Catherines Denim Debunked blogger challenge.

See the winning looks at All YouMagazine online:

Read my original post about the experience here.

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Thinking Halloween? Fun and sexy costumes from Hips & Curves

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Plus Model Magazine Address Body Shaming

Plus Model Mag on GMA


Watch PLUS Model Magazine onABC’s Good Morning America October 11 at 8:14AM EST with PMM Editor-in-Cheif Madeline Jones, October cover model Ivory Kalber, and the editorial model Laura Johnson!

Read Maddy’s post on the blog, “Should Plus Size Women Be Ashamed of Their Bodies? PLUS Model Magazine Sets the Record Straight with Nude Editorial.

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Catherines Denim Debunked Challenge

2013-09-06 19.25.06


What could be better than an invite to test drive jeans? I was very excited when Catherines and ALL YOU Magazine invited me to participate in their Denim Debunked blogger challenge.  Full disclosure: I was provided a $100 gift card to Catherines along with an issue of ALL YOU in exchange for a shopping experience, product reviews and as a part of a contest for the chance to win a $500 gift card to Catherines.

I live about a 20-minute drive from two different Catherines locations in Atlanta, but I hadn’t been to either one in years. I’m spoiled by living within about 5 minutes of a major shopping area, so I rarely go far for clothes. Also, I’ve never been a big Catherines fan. They have a distinctive style, with lots of long tunic tops. However, I have friends who love this style and lament that they don’t have a Catherines nearby.

When I saw the New Direction of Denim campaign, I knew that I was overdue to give Catherines a try.

2013-09-06 18.55.08


I went to the Catherines in Austell, GA, at the corner of East-West Connector and Austell Rd. (Click here for map to location. For those not in driving distance of a Catherines, all items pictured here are available at Links in the post will take you as close I could get to the actual items online.)

2013-09-06 18.56.25

The New Direction of Denim campaign is in full swing until September 15th, 2013, and the store had a large array of denim styles to choose from in sizes 16W-34W.  A very helpful store associate, Audrey, greeted me at the door and helped me load up a dressing room with different jean styles and tops to match (gotta try on the whole outfit or why even bother?).

I decided to try three different denim styles: the Knit Jean, the Right Fit Jean, the Slimmer Synergy Modern Bootcut Jean.

2013-09-06 19.14.54

First up, the Knit Jean. These are the jeans for the woman who loves sweats and T-shirts. These fleece-lined, knit leggings felt wonderfully comfy, and they could easily be dressed up or dressed down. I paired them with the Studio L’Attitude Tunic and the Leather Look Jacket.

2013-09-06 18.59.49

Next up, the Right Fit Jeans. The Right Fit Jeans come in three styles: Curvy, Moderately Curvy, and Straight (based on the waist to hip ratio, with Curvy as the size for small waist/big hip). The jeans have an elastic inset to allow for a better fit in the waist.


2013-09-06 19.12.00

In this shot I paired the Right Fit Jean (Curvy) with the Ombre Buttonfront shirt and the Leather Look Jacket. I was a little put off by the elastic waist, but they fit great through the waist and hips. I like my jeans a little long, since I wear heels, and found these more suited to flats than heels.


2013-09-06 19.25.06

Last up, and what for me was the winning look, the Slimmer Synergy Modern Bootcut Jean (here paired with the Leather Look Jacket and a black tank). I liked the dark wash of the jean, and paired with the black jacket, these jeans had a very modern look. Where I found the other jeans true to size, I had to go up a size in these to get a comfortable fit, but I really liked the look.

Overall impressions:

I had a very positive experience at the store. There was more there in my style than I expected, and I left with an entire outfit that I know I will get a lot of wear from. Even though the experience was to try on jeans, I was impressed with the long tanks and tees–sometimes I like to wear a longer, close-fitting tank, and they had plenty there to choose from. I went in with $100 and ended up spending $170, so clearly I found plenty to like.


Great size selection

Friendly, helpful staff

Variety of styles and colors

I could use my Lane Bryant credit card


A little pricey ($70 for the jeans)

Not at lot in my style (I prefer Lane Bryant, but many of my friends love Catherine’s style)


About our sponsor:

CA 2012 logo-fit-sizes_PMS2685 (3)

DISCOVER CATHERINES and find a whole new world of fashion in sizes 16W–34W and 0X–5X, including petites.

 This month, we present The New Direction of Denim. It’s all about color, print and finding your perfect fit!

Link to jeans page:


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The Heat: Fun Summer Movie that Won’t Make You Feel Bad for Being a Big Girl


I saw “The Heat”  and loved it! It’s a bawdy, raucous, classic buddy-cop movie with a fresh twist. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock have great chemistry, and this is just a fun movie to watch. You’ve got to have a stomach for profanity–Melissa McCarthy (to borrow a phrase from the movie “Christmas Story”) weaves a tapestry of profanity that is almost a character in itself. I’m a big fan of Melissa McCarthy, and I truly appreciate that this film (mostly) avoids fat jokes, and paints McCarthy’s character as a strong, confident, sexually desirable woman, living on her own terms. No shame in her game. [Read more →]

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Full Figured Fashion Week: Sonsi’s Recap

Sonsi Full Figured Fashion Week

Here’s a link to a fun recap of the 2013 Full Figured Fashion Week by Sarah Sapora at Sonsi. Not only did I love the recap, but the story is full of great pictures of beautiful curvy girls strutting their fashion stuff.

Just makes me happy! (And makes me want to spend money.)

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Running with the Atlanta Track Club

Photo of Angela after running

I ran 6.2 miles today.

Well, technically, I ran 4 miles and walked 2.2 miles, but using the rules of mathematics, since I ran over half the distance, I’m rounding myself up from walking to running.

I’m not exactly the person who’s supposed to run 6.2 miles, or 4 miles, or even 1 mile. I’m a slow, heavy, 40-something woman.

Sometimes, when I doing my slow, steady stride, running so slow that I feel like I’m running backward, I find that my mind still doesn’t quite get what’s happening, and I’ll catch myself thinking, with genuine surprise, “Hey, how are you doing this? You’re running!”

How did I do it?  [

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Running While Big – Part 4

Training group for running

You hear horror stories about being a big girl running in public. One of the biggest advocates for plus-size running quit blogging about her experience because of the hatefulness of the “trolls” constantly berating her on the blog. Add to that, she was assaulted (more than once) by passers-by in cars hurling insults, and the occasional beer can, at her as she jogged down the side of the road.

I’ve walked in public pathways for years without any such experiences, so while the thought of being heckled publicly was a little disconcerting, that wasn’t my biggest fear. My real fear was participating in a group. [Read more →]

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Running While Big- Part 3

Runners in training

Running is my ugly baby. I’m an ugly runner. I say this with no judgment or self-loathing–it’s simply a statement of truth. I dream of running like those runners you see up at dawn, leaping like gazelle’s, with bones as light as a birds, barely touching the ground as they effortlessly glide past. I run like Bambi, just getting his legs, with ankles, knees and hips akimbo, feet barely moving in what might appear to a passer by as super-slow motion, a slow, bouncing shuffle in a general forward direction. [Read more →]

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Running While Big – Part 2

Girl in running gear 1981


My earliest experiences with running were associated with PE class. In elementary school, we had to do the 50 yard dash as part of the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge. Of all the events–situps, push ups, pull ups–the 50 yard dash was my strongest category.

In middle school, we began running laps, or at our school “running the park,” the perimeter of a small, two-square-mile green space adjacent to our school. We suited up in our maroon and gold gym uniforms and were told, “Take a lap.” That was the extent of our running training–take a lap. No guidance on pace, form, posture, stretching–nada, niente, zip. [Read more →]

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Running While Big – Part 1

Running group

My big ass and thick thighs have gotten me in trouble again.

“Squats, lunges, leg lifts–all the things everyone hates doing–this is what you need to be doing,” counsels my running coach Jarin, an -enthusiastic fitness enthusiast who is working with our 10K race training program.

We are in a post-run session with a sports medicine expert on injury prevention, a subject of great interest to me at the moment, given the various and sundry devices and braces on both my feet. Being a big girl running can have its challenges. [Read more →]

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Curve Appeal Convention: Atlanta, May 3-5, 2013

Attention Atlanta Curvy Girls:

It’s time for the 2013 For Who I Am Curve Appeal Convention, in Atlanta, GA, Friday, May 5-Sunday May 7, 2013.

Enjoy 3 days of workshops, fashion and fun. For details and registration go to


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Fans and the media come to Melissa McCarthy’s defense

“Not again,” I thought to myself when I flipped on the TV to ABC News and heard the teaser for a story on actress Melissa McCarthy (Identify Thief, Bridesmaids, Mike & Molly):

Size matters? The red hot controversy tonight. The actress that makes so many of us laugh and the critic making so many of us steaming mad.

I didn’t even want to think about what hateful ugly things were being said about this beautiful and talented actress because of her size. I didn’t even wait for the story to come up–I grabbed my phone and pulled up Google News to see the headline for the USA Today story, “Melissa McCarthy trashed in scathing review.”  I clicked right on it, expecting the typical–happy, successful fat people are bad health role models and should be chastised, or the like–but what I found was a defense of Melissa McCarthy against a vile and vicious attack from reviewer Rex Reed (I won’t dignify his remarks by repeating them. Click on any the USA Today link to get the full details). [Read more →]

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News Anchor Fights Back Against Criticism About Weight

A big curvy shout out to Jennifer Livingston, the Wisconsin news anchor who took to the air to respond to a viewer’s criticism about her weight, claiming, “Surely you don’t consider yourself a suitable example for this community’s young people, girls in particular. Obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain.”  (Article and video here.) [Read more →]

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LA Curvy Girls–TV Show Opportunity–Must reply by Monday, Sept. 23

For curvy girls in the LA area: a nationally syndicated TV show is looking for a teen who wants to sing who will get a makeover and confidence boost, and a curvy women who will get a makeover. Show tapes Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2012. Email me at info @ for show contact.

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